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Age of Rampage

Project Name: Age of Rampage
Style: Breakbeat/Big Beat project
Real Name: Yuri Makarenko

Resident of Criminal Tribe Records since 2014

CTR albums:
Various ‎– True Bigbeat & Breakbeat [CTRCD001 2014]
Age of Rampage — Adrenaline EP [CTR006 2014] (#86 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Age of Rampage — Q2DM1 / Elmo McElroy [CTR013 2015] (#04 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
DaVIP — Brick (Age of Rampage Remix) [CTRFREE023 2016]
Age of Rampage — Groove Street (Single) [CTR033 2019]
Age of Rampage — Subway Funk (Single) [CTR034 2019] (#38 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Age of Rampage — Empire City LP [CTR035 2019] (#36 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)


The project was formed by two members of the Free BPM Organization label, MJ Free and T.Mas in 2012. However, after only writing 2 songs together, included in the first release of the project-Orange Trip and Dogfight, all subsequent material was written by MJ Free. And now, Age of Rampage is what is known as the alter ego of Yuri (MJ Free).

Yuri started writing music in 1997, when the main direction of the breakbeat project was Big Beat, and has since returned to the genre which was the reason why he started to write music in the first place. However, Big Beat is not always pure, and in the tracks of Age Of Rampage you can hear these impurities in the form of Trance, Techno and Hardcore, but all of this is of course layered with a broken rhythm.
At the moment, the project is rapidly developing and is working with many artists. 2014 saw his debut release on the project’s home label, Criminal Tribe Records-an EP titled Adrenaline.

In 2015 he released the fantastic mini-album Q2DM1/Elmo McElroy, which broke into the TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport, and remained there for over half a month. His mini-album ravaged TOP 10 for over a week, hanging in 4th place for 3 days, successfully challenging such breaks labels as Ayra, Hot Cakes, Rat Records UK and Central Station Records, giving up the positions only to Rebel Bass from Stanton Warriors. 2017 will see the planned release of an LP under the name Empire City.

In November 2016, Age of Rampage supported The Prodigy’s live performance at Bud Arena in Moscow.