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FB Force — Becoming Bionic [CTR032] 26.11.2018 OUT NOW !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Meet the long-awaited release from the Criminal Tribe ltd called FB Force — Becoming Bionic! This is a full-length album consisting of nine powerful compositions that are imbued with the atmosphere of a cyberpunk, charged with breakbeat energy, weighted with notes of metal. Deadly broken rhythms, catchy synths, hard riffs, vocal parts of different style of performance — all this you can find on the album !

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by FB Force (далее…)

[SC]Smash3r feat. Hackcore — Hack’n'Smash [CTRFREE039 12.11.18] OUT NOW!

Ladies & Gentlemens !

Today we bring you a new FREE release : [SC]Smash3r feat. Hackcore — Hack’n'Smash [CTRFREE039 12.11.18]

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by Floyd the Barber

FB Force feat. Dekay — Absurd [CTR030 15.10.2018] OUT NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemens!
After a long time, our team is back in operation, and with new experience and tools we’re starting the machine, called ‘Criminal Tribe ltd.’, at full power. So be prepared for an awesome upcoming season with 6 singles and 3 full-length albums, plus some free material, which will hold the same level of originality and quality as the official releases of various Western well-known labels.

Already on all the world’s stores and streaming services, the first single from an upcoming album ‘Becoming Bionic’, called ‘Absurd’! The sound is forged together with the charming English rap singer, #Dekay. Please join and taste the sounds of rage and cyber-dimensions!

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D.Bruce — Impulse Control [CTRFREE038 04.10.18] out now!

Today we bring you a new FREE release — D.Bruce — Impulse Control [CTRFREE038 04.10.18]

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by Floyd the Barber

The Prodigy Tribute Remixes Series Vol.2 is OUT NOW! (get FREE in WAV)

We are proud to present the first part of a series of tribute albums dedicated to the creation of the legendary The Prodigy group, which carry a rethinking of a number of their works from the residents of Criminal Tribe ltd.
With this project, our team wants to pay tribute to the genius artists, whose work has radically influenced our development and becoming.
The first mini-album includes two works:
- The Prodigy — Narayan [Interra Tribute Remix];
- The Prodigy — Girls [Little Orange UA Tribute Remix].
Big Beat / Breakbeat is inevitable!

Download these tracks for free in WAV format from » SoundCloud and » Bandcamp

by A.Hornet

Arbat Open Breakdance Season Jam 2018 [CTRBDV001]

We are proud to present you our work, the first video collaboration from the Criminal Tribe ltd., maded by the participant of our team, Sergey Prozorov [ProzorProduction], together with a large number of excellent dancers, people standing at the root of the Breakdance culture in our country. This work is devoted to the opening of the dancing season, in April this year, on Arbat in Moscow.

Watch on » Youtube » (далее…)

Soon! The Prodigy Tribute Remixes Series Vol.1


Narayan [Interra Tribute Remix]

Girls [Little Orange UA Tribute Remix]


Under Influence — Brotherhood Remixes [CTR029] OUT NOW !!!

Ladies and Gentlemens!
We invite you to listen or buy a new album of remixes on the tracks of Under Influence from the participants of the breakbeat factory: Furst Lowlett, Age Of Rampage, Izotope, Floyd The Barber, Krizzz, Secret Sexy Signal, Q-ran, The Crime Synth, Wiccatron !

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by Lampard.S

Subface & Under Influence — Junk [CTRFREE037] OUT NOW !

Today, 25.04.2018 we are celebrating a 4th birthday of our formation — breakbeat/big beat label CTR !

In honor of this event,
we bring you a new FREE release — Subface & Under Influence - Junk !

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by A.Hornet

Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Renegade [CTRFREE036 01.04.18] OUT NOW

April 1, the project Under Influence turns 4 years old !!!
On behalf of CTR, our whole great team, we congratulate Pavel Korshunov & Sergey Bezmaga with this date! Further progress and success! Infinite inspiration!

In honor of this event, the FREE release — Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Renegade!

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by A.Hornet

Floyd the Barber opening the live performance of The Prodigy in Rostov!

For the fifth time the resident Criminal Tribe ltd. / Wolfpack Recordings goes back to warming up the legendary The Prodigy band on 14.03.2018. Circumstances were not on Floyd the Barber’s side, so the meeting with the group was in Moscow, where our resident receives praise from Keith Flint, and the recording of the mix from the warm-up goes to maestro Liam. (далее…)

Egor Interra opening the live performance of The Prodigy in Chelyabinsk!

For the fourth time the resident of Criminal Tribe ltd. / Wolfpack Recordings goes on to warm up the legendary The Prodigy band on 09.03.2018. According to eyewitnesses, maestro Liam Howlett watched Egor «Interra’s» play for about half an hour.
The indicator of quality and craftsmanship is formed by time, painstaking labor, patience, perseverance and seasoned with rare luck. (далее…)

Izotope — Fighting Cell [CTRFREE034] is FREE !

We continue to spread FREE releases from CTR! The next track is crazy dancing electro rock from Izotope called Fighting Cell [CTRFREE034].

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by Floyd The Barber