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Arbat Open Breakdance Season Jam 2018 [CTRBDV001]

We are proud to present you our work, the first video collaboration from the Criminal Tribe ltd., maded by the participant of our team, Sergey Prozorov [ProzorProduction], together with a large number of excellent dancers, people standing at the root of the Breakdance culture in our country. This work is devoted to the opening of the dancing season, in April this year, on Arbat in Moscow.

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The #CTR team is grateful for the assistance to:

Мотя и Моня [Motya and Monya]
Шефф [Sheff]
Топор [Topor]
Ян [Jan]
Бочок [Bochok]
Марк [Mark]
Краш [Crash]
Абра [Abra]
Чиха [Chikha]

Shoot / Cut : Serg Prozorov
Instagram: @onprozor

Original soundtrack:
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Monday Funk (Original Mix)