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CTR releases are free on SoundCloud from the first of June 2020 !

Companions! In difficult times for any resident of our beautiful planet, I think it is irrational in the coming months to pursue at least some ideas of commercial sales of music. The pandemic has affected everyone to one degree or another, and many will need time to come to indicators of a very close past. In this regard, within the framework of our musical formation, I consider it appropriate to help all of our comrades-in-arms with the correct rhythms, so that the tasks of everyday days would be solved at least a little easier. Throughout the summer, starting from the first of June, every 2-3 days all our official discography will be laid out on our platforms, absolutely free, starting from the very first release. And today it is already 40 albums. I sincerely wish everyone the best, and may our music brighten your days a little!