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FB Force — Becoming Bionic [CTR032] 26.11.2018 OUT NOW !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Meet the long-awaited release from the Criminal Tribe ltd called FB Force — Becoming Bionic! This is a full-length album consisting of nine powerful compositions that are imbued with the atmosphere of a cyberpunk, charged with breakbeat energy, weighted with notes of metal. Deadly broken rhythms, catchy synths, hard riffs, vocal parts of different style of performance — all this you can find on the album !

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by FB Force Dmitry FB Force : «Once I’ve decided for myself that I must sit and write a full length album, which is a quite less popular nowadays in electronic music. For me it’s a lifestyle and musical experience, the tunes was collected through a long period of my creating years, some of them even was started as a demo versions back in 2012, so probably the album covers a very diverse stylistic picture. Also for me it is a new approach to a music writing process, because I’ve collaborated on this LP with a maximum amount of great musicians, it’s really made a unique experience and pleasure to work on. «