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Furst Lowlett

Project Name: Furst Lowlett
Style: Breakbeat/Dubstep project [RUS/Yekaterinburg]
Real Name: Denis Yesaulkoff

Resident of Wolfpack Recordings since 2015

WPR albums:
Furst Lowlett — Birth EP [CTRFREE022 2016]
Furst Lowlett — Day of Dead LP [WPR001 2017] (#31 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)


I write music myself, sometimes using bootlegs. Basically, I try to invent a melody myself, so this is exactly what comes from the subconscious. Periodically I use a cappella of different performers, beginning with r’n'b and jazz and ending with nu metal and alternative. All the music that is now was written in the software reason 5, for fx’ov use often microcorg, cut into samples. The performers who influenced me are The Prodigy and Limp Bizkit. Perhaps this is corny. But it was these two guys (Fred Durst and Liam Howlett) that made me look not only at music, but also at life as a whole from a different angle.

Actually, I called the project, taking the names and surnames of my idols, and it turned out Furst Lowlett. And I think that the music you are doing should not be in a trend, it should be a trend — on the one hand. On the other hand, all that you do is your personal, your emotions and energy, what absorbs all the positive and negative, a kind of outlet. And I believe that these two sides are very interrelated.


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