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Project Name: Izotope
Style: Breakbeat project [UA/Netishyn]
Real Name: Alexander Kormilitsyn

Resident of Criminal Tribe Records since 2014

CTR albums:
Izotope feat. Under Influence — In The Gap [CTRFREE009 2015]
Izotope — Breath Of Inspiration / Summer Mode [CTRFREE019 2016]
Izotope — Chainsaw EP [CTR015 2016] (hit spanish DJ MAG in february 2017 and rated 8.5)
Subface — Buzz Remixes EP [CTR027 2017] (include Izotope remix)
Izotope — Fighting Cell [CTRFREE034 2017]


Izotope is a young musician and sound producer from Ukraine. He started his artistic career in 1998 as a drummer of punk band “Kedi”. After the band’s breakup in 2001, during a creative crisis, he began to play the electric guitar.

Future style of his music was born almost in the first electronic track which was produced in 2002 — a mix of break beat, powerful synthetic bass and guitar riffs. Izotope also focuses on vocals, collaborating with such musicians as Cyberpunk, Kingdom, “The Reptiles”.

The first official release was launched in 2012 on the TMB Records.


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