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Make illusional

Project Name: Make Illusional
Style: Breakbeat/Industrial project [RUS/Nahodka]
Real Name: Konstantin Orobets

Resident of Criminal Tribe Records since 2018

Ctr albums:

The Prodigy - Their Law (Make Illusional Tribute Remix)
Make Illusional - Sonohokano LP [CTR040 2021]


Started career in 2004 as DJ in different alternative bands. DJ Make illusional created band in 2007 as a result of using electric guitars in electronic music and in hip-hop culture. Band consisting of four friends in Komsomolsk Na Amur. Initially, Industrial Metal was played with a mix of breaks and various electronic styles. After the album in 2010 the team has turned into a remix group which using only separately recorded vocals, add to their compositions and turns out Nu metal / Rapcore / Industrial metal. The composition was unchanged until 2012. After that stayed DJ M.I. who stopped both solo recording and OxiD PRoject in 2014. In 2018, Dj Make illusional was renamed Jedi Mak3 1llusional and continue to make a music in different styles.


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