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Project Name: [SC]Smash3r
Style: Breakbeat project [UA/Berdyansk]
Real Name: Eugene Shulyabkin

Resident of Criminal Tribe Records since 2014
IT director of Criminal Tribe Records

CTR albums:
Various ‎– True Bigbeat & Breakbeat [CTRCD001 2014]
Under Influence — Shift Control [CTR007 2015] (include [SC]Smash3r remix)
FB Force — Sequence of Bits! Remixes EP [CTR025 2017] (include [SC]Smash3r remix)
Secret Sexy Signal ‎– Drive Traffic ([SC]Smash3r Remix) [CTRFREE027]
[SC]Smash3r — Cyberjack Hollowdeath [CTRFREE030 2017]
[SC​]​Smash3r — Damage Scanner [CTRFREE033 2017]
[SC]Smash3r feat. Hackcore ‎– Hack’n'Smash [CTRFREE039 2018]
Pronobozo ‎– Coming Back ([SC]Smash3r Remix) [CTRFREE052 2019]
Chocolate Puma feat. Kris Kiss & Loopers – Step Back ([SC]Smash3r Remix) [CTRFREE057 2020]


For Eugene it’s all started in early 1999 with eJay Dance Machine 1. In 2002 it came to the sampling, using Audacity and Sound Forge software. At that time Eugene also tried Fruity Loops 3 at a first time, but left this product on the shelf, since FL3 wasn’t really offer much for complete tracks creation.

When year 2006 has came, the Internet wasn’t really wide spread in his country, so Eugene decided to dedicate most part of his free time to the music creation, drilling into Fruity Loops interface by oneself. From 2006 to this day Eugene works exceptionally with FL Studio and forges his beats, following by his fundamentals: «If I like what I’m making, some others probably could like it too» :) Since he don’t go for profit from his music, all the tracks (including the future ones) are free to download, to be remixed and to spread all over the net.

Breakbeat and bigbeat genres choose, which are the main ones Eugene works with, were greatly influenced by such legends as The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Overseer, Goon and others.

Eugene is also an IT headmaster at Criminal Tribe Records. Currently viewed website is done fully by his hands.


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[SC]Smash3r Vkontante official page
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