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Secret Sexy Signal

Project Name: Secret Sexy Signal
Style: Breakbeat/Neurobreaks project [RUS]
Real Name: Anthony Litvinov [Irkutsk], Yaroslav Belousov [St. Petersburg]

Residents of Criminal Tribe Records since 2015

CTR albums:
Secret Sexy Signal — Save Me From This Shit [CTR023 2017] (#25 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Subface — Buzz Remixes EP [CTR027 2017] (include Secret Sexy Signal remix)


New fresh blood on Criminal Tribe Records — Russian electronic duo, created by Yarek Belousov and Anthony Litvinov in 2010. The project participants mostly deal with breakbeat, while experimenting with different sounds. The guys often put 90s trends and elements of different electro-music genres along with modern sound, complemented by impudent vocal and provocative lyrics on domestic problems.

The first release took place after 7 years of being on Criminal Tribe Records — EP titled «Save me from this shit» (2017). Before, Secret Sexy Signal released tracks in free access only, put together in the album «Urban Trajectory» in 2010. Their early music was mostly bigbeat/breakbeat, as for now the genre is not clear, it can be characterized as something in between neurobeat and drum’n’bass. The project positions itself as a breakbeat project within the attempts to renew the fashion, but in a new, more modern sound.