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Under Influence

Project Name: Under Influence
Style: Big Beat/Funk project [RUS]
Real Name: Sergei Klux [Tomsk], Pavel Korshunov [Yaroslavl]

Residents of Criminal Tribe Records since 2014

CTR albums:
Under Influence — Watch This EP [CTR004 2014] (#22 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Under Influence — Shift Control EP [CTR007 2015] (in article DJ MAG in June 2017 and rated 9.0)
Under Influence feat. ElectroGorilla ‎– Restless Dance (+Remixes) [CTR012 2015]
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Operation Big Beat [CTR016 2016] (#03 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport / #56 place in TOP 100 All Genres on Beatport)
Under Influence, Miss Mants ‎– Your Body [CTR018 2016] (#68 place in TOP 100 Breaks Tracks on Beatport)
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Operation Big Beat Remixes [CTR020 2017] (#13 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Under Influence & Evva — Fandango/Funky Rhythm [CTR022 2017] (#05 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Subface — Buzz Remixes EP [CTR027 2017] (include Under Influence remix)
Under Influence – Brotherhood Remixes [CTR029 2018]

CTR Free Tracks:
Under Influence ‎– Hot Chill’s [CTRFREE001 2014]
Under Influence ‎– Good Morning / Homies [CTRFREE003 2014]
Under Influence ‎– Who Is Martha Stewart? [CTRFREE005 2014]
Under Influence ‎– Influence Is Under [CTRFREE010 2015]
Under Influence ‎– Hot Tamales [CTRFREE012 2015]
Fatboy Slim ‎– Weapon Of Choice (Under Influence Bootleg) [CTRFREE013 2015]
Under Influence & ElectroGorilla ‎– Restless Dance [CTRFREE014 2015]
NewTone feat FolkBeat ‎– Po Kamenu (Under Influence Remix) [CTRFREE016 2015]
Under Influence ‎– Blow In My Mind [CTRFREE018 2016]
Under Influence ‎– Radio Funk [CTRFREE020 2016] (Best Free Track BBSAwards 2016)
Under Influence ‎– Big Mean Woman [CTRFREE029 2017]
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Renegade [CTRFREE036 2018]
Subface & Under Influence — Junk [CTRFREE037 2018]
Under Influence — Clap & Dance [CTRFREE045 2019]
Under Influence — My Little Baby [CTRFREE055 2020]
Under Influence — Evi Dance [CTRFREE068 2021]


Under Influence-music project involving positive experimental Breakbeat/Big Beat, often mixed with elements of funk music, was first created in April 2014 by Sergei Klux (Tomsk) and Pavel Korshunov (Yaroslavl). The project has released a number of free albums, as well as official releases, with “Watch This” being among them-a release that spent around a month in the Top 100 Breaks category on Beatport and Juno. All releases appeared on Criminal Tribe Records.

Currently the duo is actively working on their next EP, Youngman, which will contain bright and positive sounding tracks, and this promises to be promising. After 3 mini-albums, they plan to release a full-length album which will again be released on Criminal Tribe Records.

For a long period of time in the early stages, the musicians worked separately. The cause and foundation for of the project’s creation can be considered their joint release “Thunderdome” and a collection of remixes. At the core of the projects sound, you have influences such as Fatboy Slim, Wiseguys, Other Brothers, Freddy Fresh, Skeewiff and others.