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09.11.2016 — Age of Rampage warm up The Prodigy in Bud Arena/Moscow!

Yuriy! We congratulate you with such an event in your life. So not to be drooling around, let’s summarize it all up. The ‘Age of Rampage’ project now stands behind the longest warm-up for ‘The Prodigy’ in RU/UA segment. Guys gave out their personal kudos to Yuriy for his work done, and that move with ‘We Are The Ruffest’ performance turned out in a result of a private dialogue between Yuriy and Liam.

Particular thumbs-up goes to Yuriy for his true Big beat/Breakbeat material compilation. ‘Criminal Tribe Records’ team also shouts out to Dmitry Gordy and gives him a big thanks for the unique photo made.
Think it’s need to be mentioned that true BB music is still alive, and what’s even more — actively raises the volume! And the personal support from a legendary ‘The Prodigy’ team is the best approve of that rise!
Once again, Yuriy — you’re the true artist! We wish you to achieve a totally huge growth — well, you know it all onwards! And ofc, our team will always help.
Breakbeat/Big Beat inevitable!

by A.Hornet