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Furst Lowlett — The Day of Dead [WPR001 09.10.2017] OUT NOW!

09.10.2017 2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Furst Lowllet

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Meet the first release from Wolfpack Recordings — the debut full-length album from Furst Lowlett — The Day Of Dead [WPR001]. Eleven breakbeat/big beat tracks, saturated with powerful beats, acid synthesizers and «shaman» stuffing will give you a sense of something new, unique and at the same time long forgotten old!

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Criminal Tribe ltd presents Wolfpack Recordings a breakbeat/big beat sublabel!

18.08.2017 2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Funk Industrial

Dear fans of true Breakbeat / Big Beat culture, we are proud to introduce Wolfpack Recordings, a sublabel of Criminal Tribe ltd., created specifically to support young artists from all over the world. CTRltd is a closed label, this is our policy, but at the same time we understand that only our team can help and support young artists who represent the traditions of the old school at the present time. All young true BB artists, we are open for cooperation with you. Please contact Floyd The Barber if you want to get involve!
Services of information and mastering of our studio:
Klux [Under Influence]
Dmitry Shinkarchuk / FB Force
Starting this fall, expect releases from WolfpackRecordings!
Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable!
By A.Hornet


Breakbeat Party — Criminal Tribe Records! 24.06


Дамы и господа ! Любители ломаных ритмов и гитарных рифов !
24 июня в Клубе МОД, Санкт-Петербург, в 19:00 состоится вечер настоящей брейкбит музыки сразу от четырех резидентов Criminal Tribe Records !!!

FB Force выступит со своим живым составом, в который входят: Дмитрий Шинкарчук, Павел Лохнин, Андрей Архипов.
Age Of Rampage
Floyd The Barber
- Специальный гость вечера — группа Secret Sexy Signal с презентацией альбома «Save Me From This Shit» !
MOD CLUB Санкт-Петербург, Грибоедова, 7, метро «Гостиный Двор»/«Невский Проспект».
►ЦЕНА 300р на входе, 200р за РЕПОСТ!
Не пропусти первый вечер настоящего ломанного драйва от CTR!
Подробности мероприятия :


FB Force — Sequence of Bits Remixes [CTR025] out now Beatport!

22.05.2017 2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS FB_Force Industrial Subface‬ The_Little_Orange_ua [SC]Smash3r

Ladies and Gentlemen! Today, 22.05.2017 meet the new single from FB Force! Extended play includes remixes from residents of Criminal Tribe Records : [SC]Smash3r, Subface and Little Orange UA. Each track is a single mixture of true breakbeat rhythms, where fat and powerful bass harmony with expressive vocals!
Exclusive on Beatport


Support from The Prodigy!

21.05.2017 2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Prodigy

If you ask me what you need that your idols, living legends of the genre, such as The Prodigy, support your project, I’ll answer you ….
3 years of hard work, countless hours spent personal time, emotions, experiences, the ups and downs experienced, and most importantly, a first-class team of true companions who will «bend their line» to the end! I want to say thank to my team, my brothers and sisters, to those who walked with me to the last, and understood perfectly that dreams are real, the main thing is never to give up! Thanks to all our connoisseurs, who also believed in us from the first day of the project, from the first post on social networks, from the first released album!

Thank you all! Who was and will be with us on our way, which is just beginning! And remember the most important thing …

Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable!


Christina Krizzz on the opening of the live performance of the legendary The Prodigy!

19.05.2017 2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat Krizzz Prodigy

The Prodigy live performance at SC Sukharev/Perm
Warm up support: Kristina Kriz
On behalf of Criminal Tribe ltd. And myself in particular, I want to congratulate Christina Krizzz with a new grandiose achievement in her musical career. My dear, let today’s event be only the beginning of your new chapter in the Brekabeat / Big Beat world! Let today’s day push you to new achievements, and this photo will be a reminder that you are on the right path and with the right people!
The CTR team thanks Dima Gordy for helping and assisting our beautiful resident, and of course, for this unique shot.
Already three times collaborators Criminal Tribe ltd. Warmed up the legendary The Prodigy. Not one team within the CIS space has achieved such success. Constancy is a sign of skill! And the proof that Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable! by A.Hornet


Christina Krizzz on the opening of the live performance of the legendary The Prodigy!

2017 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Krizzz Prodigy TheProdigy

May 18, Perm, Sukharev Sports Complex, Criminal Tribe ltd. Resident, Christina Krizzz, on the opening of the live performance of the legendary #TheProdigy!
CTR team congratulates Kristina with a new level in the music career! Further, only more!
Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable!