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18.05.2017 - The Prodigy live performance at SC Sukharev / Perm Warm up support: Kristina Krizzz_

On behalf of Criminal Tribe ltd. And myself in particular, I want to congratulate Christina Krizzz with a new grandiose achievement in her musical career. My dear, let today’s event be only the beginning of your new chapter in the Breakbeat / Big Beat world! Let today’s day push you to new achievements, and this photo will be a reminder that you are on the right path and with the right people!
The CTR team thanks Dima Gordy for helping and assisting our beautiful resident, and of course, for this unique shot.
Already three times collaborators Criminal Tribe ltd. Warmed up the legendary The Prodigy. Not one team within the CIS space has achieved such success. Constancy is a sign of skill! And the proof that Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable!

09.11.2016 — Age of Rampage warm up The Prodigy live performance in Bud Arena / Moscow_

Age Of Rampage! We congratulate you with such an event in your life. So not to be drooling around, let’s summarize it all up. The ‘Age of Rampage’ project now stands behind the longest warm-up for ‘The Prodigy’ in RU/UA segment. Guys gave out their personal kudos to Yuriy for his work done, and that move with ‘We Are The Ruffest’ performance turned out in a result of a private dialogue between Yuriy and Liam. Particular thumbs-up goes to Yuriy for his true Big beat/Breakbeat material compilation. ‘Criminal Tribe Records’ team also shouts out to Dmitry Gordy and gives him a big thanks for the unique photo made.
Think it’s need to be mentioned that true BB music is still alive, and what’s even more — actively raises the volume! And the personal support from a legendary ‘The Prodigy’ team is the best approve of that rise!
Once again, Yuriy — you’re the true artist! We wish you to achieve a totally huge growth — well, you know it all onwards! And ofc, our team will always help.
Breakbeat/Big Beat is inevitable!

18.11.2017 - CUBE party | Floyd the Barber  at Sevastopol

image description

27.10.2017 - URBAN SELEKTAH at HORROR EQUATOR Party  | Age Of Rampage at Perm MICHURIN club_

13.10.17 — FB Force at Season party O2H_V_MODE, MOD CLUB / S.Petersburg_

15.08.2017 — Floyd the Barber at WC4-Beefooz party / Crimea, Popovka_

24.06.2017 — Breakbeat Party from Criminal Tribe Records, MOD club / S.Petersburg_

17.06.2017 — Kristina Krizzz in INBWT 17 YEARS birthday party, DOT club / S.Petersburg_

11.06.2017 — AGE OF RAMPAGE in STEP IN TIME party / Zelenograd_

09.06.2017 — Kristina Krizzz in Gira birthday party / S.Petersburg_

03.06.2017 — Kristina Krizzz in Drum & Bass party Burning Series / Moscow_

20.05.2017 — Age of Rampage & Kristina Krizzz FATAL BEATS (Mehanika preparty) / Perm_

22.04.2017 — Floyd the Barber CUBE party / Sevastopol_

21.04.17 — Subface FATA MORGANA patry K.POINT club / Kiev_

06.01.2017 - Kristina Krizzz in Moscow united №2, Club «Dich» / Moskow_

18.05.2017 - The Prodigy live performance at SC Sukharev / Perm Warm up support: Kristina Krizzz_

After 2016 CTR artists warm up #TheProdigy live performances AGAIN in 2017!

Age Of Rampage and Aequo warm up The Prodigy live performances in Novosibirsk and Moscow !_

On behalf of the whole team and myself in particular, I’d like to congratulate Yuri #AgeOfRampage and Alexander #Aequo with a grand victory! CTR artists warm up #TheProdigy live performances in Novosibirsk and Moscow! So keep going, my friends, work and acts according to conscience are rewarded! Now, my friends, you received the long-expected title shot! I wish only to development, as well as patience and perseverance in this difficult task! Above all, I want to thank all the team members of Criminal Tribe Records, who have worked in this fight as a one, coherent mechanism! And of course, our fans, friends and supporters! Your support is invaluable! «Massive thanks to everyone who sent their mixes and voted on We have chosen five DJs who will bring da beats n open our shows in November — congratulations to Aequo, Un4Get, DJ Big LA, Mr Armtome n Age of Rampage. Can’t wait to bring da ruckus, Russia, get ready! Respect.” Liam, Keef & Maxim”»

02.11.2016 — Novosibirsk,Ice Sports Palace Sibir — Aequo on warm up The Prodigy live performance in Novosobirsk_

09.11.2016 — Moscow, Bud Arena — Age of Rampage on warm up The Prodigy live performance


22.12.2016 — Terry Hooligan [UK] in Heaven Club / Rostov_

Kristina Krizzz with live performance on SWOOSH B-DAY PARTY  <— official event [VK]

23.12.2016 — Terry Hooligan [UK] in Alibi Club / Moscow_

Our fantastic resident Kristina Krizzz with live performance on that party. <— official event [VK]

11.11.2016 — The Prodigy afterparty at Alibi Club / Moscow_

Headliner: Age of Rampage <— event [VK]

02.11.2016 — Aequo on The Prodigy after party in White Bar / Novosibirsk_

04.07.2015 — Age of Rampage and Raze Weid at the biggest electronic music festival ZOO_ONE_LOVE_2015! / Smolensk region