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Arbat Open Breakdance Season Jam 2018 [CTRBDV001]

We are proud to present you our work, the first video collaboration from the Criminal Tribe ltd., maded by the participant of our team, Sergey Prozorov [ProzorProduction], together with a large number of excellent dancers, people standing at the root of the Breakdance culture in our country. This work is devoted to the opening of the dancing season, in April this year, on Arbat in Moscow.

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Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Renegade [CTRFREE036 01.04.18] OUT NOW

April 1, the project Under Influence turns 4 years old !!!
On behalf of CTR, our whole great team, we congratulate Pavel Korshunov & Sergey Bezmaga with this date! Further progress and success! Infinite inspiration!

In honor of this event, the FREE release — Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Renegade!

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by A.Hornet


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     Album sound preview:


     Album sound preview:

Rory Hoy — The Bigger The Beats The Better [CTR026] on any music platform!

From today the 26th release of the Criminal Tribe Records Rory Hoy — The Bigger The Beats The Better [CTR026 18.09.17] you can buy on any music platform!

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by A.Hornet


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Rory Hoy — The Bigger The Beats The Better [2017] out now on Beatport !

Meet the new EP called “The Bigger The Beats The Better”, which harkens back to the classic Old School Big Beat sound! This album is filled with winding dance rhythms, notes of beautiful mood and will be an excellent continuation of summer festivals!

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by A.Hornet

Criminal Tribe ltd presents a new sublabel Wolfpack Recordings !

Dear fans of true Breakbeat / Big Beat culture, we are proud to introduce Wolfpack Recordings, a sublabel of Criminal Tribe ltd., created specifically to support young artists from all over the world. CTRltd is a closed label, this is our policy, but at the same time we understand that only our team can help and support young artists who represent the traditions of the old school at the present time. All young true BB artists, we are open for cooperation with you. Please contact Floyd The Barber if you want to get involve!
Services of information and mastering of our studio:
Sergei Klux [Under Influence]
Dmitry Shinkarchuk [FB Force]
Starting this fall, expect releases from WolfpackRecordings!
Breakbeat / Bigbeat inevitable !

By A.Hornet

Under Influence — Big Mean Woman [Free]

April 1, the project Under Influence turned 3 years old !!
On behalf of CTR, our whole great team, we congratulate Павел Коршунов and Сергей Клукс on this date! Further advance and success to you! Infinite inspiration!
In honor of this event FREE release — Big Mean Woman!

You can download the track from our official Soundcloud page:

by A.Hornet


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Evva & Under Influence — Funky Rhythm / Fandango [CTR022] Out Now!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today, at March 7, Criminal Tribe Records ltd. are proud to present new, fresh and funky release from well known Big Beat leaders Under Influence and new blood producer from Austria, Evva — Fandango / Funky Rhythm #CTR022

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» Exclusive on Beatport

by A.Hornet


     Album sound preview: