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Under Influence

Project Name: Under Influence
Style: Big Beat/Funk project [RUS]
Real Name: Sergei Klux [Tomsk], Paul Korshunov [Yaroslavl]

Residents of Criminal Tribe Records since 2014

CTR albums:
Under Influence — Watch This EP [CTR004 2014] (#22 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Under Influence — Shift Control [CTR007 2015] (in article DJ MAG in June 2017 and rated 9.0)
Under Influence — Restless Dance [CTR012 2015]
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Operation Big Beat [CTR016 2016] (#03 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport / #56 place in TOP 100 All Genres on Beatport)
Under Influence, Miss Mants ‎– Your Body [CTR018 2016] (#68 place in TOP 100 Breaks Tracks on Beatport)
Under Influence & Rory Hoy — Operation Big Beat Remixes [CTR020 2017] (#13 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)
Under Influence & Evva — Fandango/Funky Rhythm [CTR022 2017] (#05 place in TOP 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport)

CTR Free Albums:
Under Influence ‎– Hot Chill’s CTRFREE001 2014
Under Influence ‎– Good Morning / Homies CTRFREE003 2014
Under Influence ‎– Who Is Martha Stewart? CTRFREE005 2014
Under Influence ‎– Influence Is Under CTRFREE010 2015 
Under Influence ‎– Hot Tamales CTRFREE012 2015
Under Influence & ElectroGorilla ‎– Restless Dance CTRFREE0014 2015
Under Influence ‎– Blow In My Mind CTRFREE018 2016
Under Influence ‎– Radio Funk CTRFREE020 2016


Under Influence — musical project playing a positive experimental Breakbeat / Bigbeat, often mixed with elements of funk music. Created in April 2014 by two musicians — Sergei Klux (Tomsk) and Pavel Korshunov (Yaroslavl). The project has a lot of free albums and a number of official releases, among them «Watch This», who spent about a month in the top 100 Breaks on Beatport and Juno. All releases appeared on Criminal Tribe Records label.
Currently the duo is actively working on the next EP — «Youngman», which will contain a bright and positive-sounding tracks, and this promises to be promising. After three mini-albums, it plans to release a full length album which will be released on the same Criminal Tribe Records.

Earlier musicians for a long time worked separately. The cause and the foundation of creating the project, can be considered a successful joint release «Thunderdome» and a collection of remixes.
At the sound of the project affected — Fatboy Slim, Wiseguys, Other Brothers, Freddy Fresh, Skeewiff and others.