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Age Of Rampage — Empire City [CTR035 18.03.19] OUT NOW !!!

18.03.2019 Age_of_Rampage Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Empire_City

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are proud to present you the long-awaited titanic musical work from our resident Age Of Rampage, full-length album bearing the name, Empire City. Ten composition’s in the best traditions of the old UK school of Breakbeat music, in perfect synthesis with modern sound of musical trends. Powerful vibrations and energy flows of the right bits — all this is Empire City!

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by Lampard.S


The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint dead at 49

05.03.2019 2019 Breakbeat KeithFlint TheProdigy

In connection with the irreparable loss in our breakbeat \ big beat culture, we declare the day of mourning.

The CTR team condoles the team and family of Keith Flint. The bright memory of the great artist.

by A.Hornet


Age Of Rampage — Subway Funk [CTR034 05.03.19] OUT NOW !!!

2019 Age_of_Rampage Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR034

Ladies and Gentlemen!
It’s time for the next single from our resident Yuri «Age Of Rampage» Makarenko!
The upcoming release of the long-awaited full-length album «Empire City» continues the second single Subway Funk, which includes the original track and remix from Egor Interra.

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by Lampard.S


Age Of Rampage — Groove Street [CTR033 19.02.19] OUT NOW !!!

19.02.2019 2019 Age_of_Rampage Big_Beat Breakbeat CTR033

Ladies and Gentlemen!
So it’s time for a new single from our resident Yuri «Age Of Rampage» Makarenko!
The upcoming release of the long-awaited full-length album «Empire City» opens a killer single Groove Street, followed by a remix from Dmitry «Little Orange UA» Garkusha.

Pre-listen: » SoundCloud » Youtube

Music stores: » Multi-link » CTRShop

by Lampard.S


FB Force — Becoming Bionic [CTR032] 26.11.2018 OUT NOW !!!

26.11.2018 2018 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR032 FB_Force

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Meet the long-awaited release from the Criminal Tribe ltd called FB Force — Becoming Bionic! This is a full-length album consisting of nine powerful compositions that are imbued with the atmosphere of a cyberpunk, charged with breakbeat energy, weighted with notes of metal. Deadly broken rhythms, catchy synths, hard riffs, vocal parts of different style of performance — all this you can find on the album !

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by FB Force (далее…)


FB Force feat. Anna Hel — Genetic Algorithm [CTR031 01.11.18] OUT NOW!

01.11.2018 2018 Anna_Hel Breakbeat FB_Force Floyd_The_Barber Industrial [SC]Smash3r

Ladies and Gentlemens!

Smoothly approaching the release of a full-length album from our great resident, FB Force, we bring to your attention the second single from it, called Genetic Algorithm, which was recorded together with a terrific singer Anna Hel, and accompanied with powerful remixes from CTR members, Floyd The Barber and [SC]Smash3r.
Already on all the world’s stores and streaming services.
Please join and taste the sounds of rage and cyber-dimensions!

Listen & Buy on web (далее…)