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Christina Krizzz on the opening of the live performance of the legendary The Prodigy!

18.05.2017 The Prodigy live performance at SC Sukharev/Perm
Warm up support: Kristina Kriz
On behalf of Criminal Tribe ltd. and myself in particular, I want to congratulate Christina Krizzz with a new grandiose achievement in her musical career. My dear, let today’s event be only the beginning of your new chapter in the Breakbeat / Big Beat world! Let today’s day push you to new achievements, and this photo will be a reminder that you are on the right path and with the right people!
The CTR team thanks Dima Gordy for helping and assisting our beautiful resident, and of course, for this unique shot.
Already three times collaborators Criminal Tribe ltd. Warmed up the legendary The Prodigy. Not one team within the CIS space has achieved such success. Constancy is a sign of skill! And the proof that Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable! by A.Hornet