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Dear friends! BREAKING NEWS!

Our team faced with this kind of action for the first time, but the more we go forward, the more we learn.
Today at the morning, Criminal Tribe Records official account on Soundcloud underwent by bot attack. We become artificially by cranking followers. I’m always checking our project statistics every day, at the last night we had about 1,800 original followers, at this moment they are more than 5000! This attack is the progress of competitors, apparently someone did not like our progress in the sales charts! From what we have found for such cases in the Internet, one thing is clear. Competitors, wind the number of followers almost 50 000, and then publicly beginning to accuse the project of fraud! I attach the bottom of the link to our account at the SC platform.

You can contemplate the problem in real time. We have already written in the service support about this issue.
CTR Team worked 3 years honestly and transparently, fighting for each one of our listeners! But apparently, someone is haunted by our continuous development and implementation of goals and objectives! The only thing that pleases in this situation, the price of such an attack, because all this is far from cheap! Foes have to spend money for trying to spoil the reputation.
Our team is already full-leads investigation of this incident, we promise to keep you up to date! Please publicize this fact to all who are not indifferent to our project! Kind Regards! Criminal Tribe ltd. team_