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Kristina Krizzz

Project Name: Kristina Krizzz
Style: Breakbeat/Big Beat project [RUS/Moscow]
Real Name: Christina Nesterova

Resident of Criminal Tribe Records since 2016
Manager of live performance organization


Kristina Krizzz — one of the most outstanding personalities in the breakbeat-scene in Russia.
Always positive and energetic, year after year she continue to delight her audience with great music and inexpressible energy on the dance floor.
Kristina is not just a DJ, she’s a real artist. Little Krizzz often fall asleep at the Michael Jackson songs.
Unlike many colleagues Christine came to breakbeat’u relatively late, beginning her musical tastes formed alternative rock and heavy metal. It draws its roots from here love to use in their sets of tracks «is harder.»

The huge growth in Kristina’s career gained by participating in the Back to the Beat & CA Promo (2006-2008),Ivanovo. Every week Krizzz «opened» partys that collected up to 1000 people. This period brought a great experience and a lot of friends, the most important Russian and foreign breaks and drum & bass artists.
From 2008 to 2013, Kristina was a resident of Moscow promogroups «We Are The Breaks», with a dance floor on the Euro Festival Kazantip 2009 — one of the most popular parties. Z17- was awarded the «People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazantip», and in the 2011/2012 year on the dance floor UFO ( Plate ex) Krizzz literally captivated fans with their sets.

Since 2012 is nominated for «Best DJ» according Breakspoll Awards International Prize (2012/2013/2014/2015)

In addition to the activities of the DJ, Krizzz is leading his radio program «Krizzzis Show» on (Moscow). | Also, the branch breaks leads to PROMODJ Trackpoint Podcast | ( and is a frequent guest on

In 2017 Krizzz is leading his radio program «Krizzz IS ME» on Criminal Tribe Records ltd (Smolensk).

In may 2017 Krizzz warm up The Prodigy live performance in SC Sukharev / Perm.


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