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Support from The Prodigy!

If you ask me what you need that your idols, living legends of the genre, such as The Prodigy, support your project, I’ll answer you ….
3 years of hard work, countless hours spent personal time, emotions, experiences, the ups and downs experienced, and most importantly, a first-class team of true companions who will «bend their line» to the end! I want to say thank to my team, my brothers and sisters, to those who walked with me to the last, and understood perfectly that dreams are real, the main thing is never to give up! Thanks to all our connoisseurs, who also believed in us from the first day of the project, from the first post on social networks, from the first released album!

Thank you all! Who was and will be with us on our way, which is just beginning! And remember the most important thing …

Breakbeat / Big Beat is inevitable!