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Molotov Cocktail — The Morphism [RUS/CAN] guest mix on 19.05.16!

Today,19.05.2016, 22:00 [MSK]/21:00 [CET] /8:00 pm [UK ] on the waves of Criminal Tribe Radio, in Breakbeat/Big Beat radio-show Molotov Cocktail, specail guest mix by international music project The Morphism!
All this stuff under the hot sauce of steady beats and comments by Alexey Hornet.

Molotov Cocktail — D. Bruce [UA] guest mix on 21.04.16!

This Thursday,21.04.2016, 22:00 PM [MSK] / 7:00 pm [UK ] on the waves of Criminal Tribe Radio, in Breakbeat/Big Beat radio-show Molotov Cocktail, specail guest mix by resident of CTR — D. Bruce [UA]!
All this stuff under the hot sauce of steady beats and comments by Alexey Hornet.

Expansion Union — Playing With (Aequo Remix) [2015 CTRFREE015]

More free tracks! Aequo Remix on a icon breakbeat track! Check & download it:

[SC]Smash3r — Rocket Crowbar (Preview)

One more demo preview of upcoming album from [SC]Smash3r :)

«Criminal Tribe Records» turns 1 year today!

Dear friends and fans! Today is 12th of April, and we’re celebrating 2 great birthday-events: Easter day along with Cosmonautics day + birthday of our resident 3D Stas. Moreove, its the day, when our label, our team, our musical family — Criminal Tribe Records — was born.

First of all, I want to shout a birthday message to Stanislav (3D Stas), wishing him unendless creativity flow and victories, achieving new heights at the musical Olymp along with family well-being and good wealth and health!

Now let’s get to the actual speech, that we are all waiting for…
My friends and fellow mates… I was writing to you personally, but now I want to throw it out on public. Thanks to every single of you, to everyone, who came for decision to join our CTR flag no matter what, and who is eager to reborn and move up Big Beat/Breakbeat into the masses again. Thanks for everything that every single one of you is bringing in to our community — no matter how big or small your contribution is. Thanks for staying in our team despite all the difficulties that are surrounding our world, our flow and our home. If I was rude with anyone of you or was messing up with some things, please apologize for that, cause all I was trying to do — like anyone of you — is to win through this rough road to make our place among current musical heights, counting on tastes and senses.

Separate big thanks goes to our fans and supporters, who are listening to us, spreading the word about our community and donating to our musicians, supporting them with their comments and thoughts at the socials. We are doing this mainly for you.

It’s been a year now, and we’re already achieved alot. We’re unique in some way, because our releases are hanging out respectable positions at the world wide charts, and people all over the world, who are interested in Big Beat and Breakbeat, are starting to notice and follow us too.

But let’s leave all that words at the side, since we’re just at the very beginning of our way, and we will need to overcome many of different things. I believe that our team can definately handle it all. Once again — thanks to you all for being with us. Stay tuned and enjoy of what we’re doing!

Happy birthday, Crime Tribe Records & all the friends!

Sincerely yours,
Alexey Hornet Tereshkov.

P.S. Also, check out our birthday mix, presented by Floyd the Barber!
Floyd the Barber – Breakbeat sessions (Vol 6) [CTR Birthday Mix]

Under Influence — Shift Control EP (+remixes)

Дамы и господа!
Вышел седьмой по счёту релиз на СTR, а именно сингл от Under Influence — Shift Control, в который вошли помимо всего два ремикса от [SC]Smash3r’a и Beatune,а так же ремикс на Who is Martha Stewart? от Placenta! Релиз доступен для покупки на всех музыкальных интернет-прилавках мира!
CTR007 — открываем новый сезон!

P.S. Огромное спасибо Юлии Vitt@ за то, что любезно предоставила фото своего шикарного тела к нам на обложку!

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