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Age of Rampage and Aequo warm up The Prodigy live performances!

On behalf of the whole team and myself in particular, I’d like to congratulate Yuriy #AgeOfRampage and Alexsander #Aequo with a grand victory! CTR artists warm up #TheProdigy live performances in Novosibirsk and Moscow! So keep going, my friends, work and acts according to conscience are rewarded! Now, my friends, you received the long-expected title shot! I wish only to development, as well as patience and perseverance in this difficult task! Above all, I want to thank all the team members of Criminal Tribe Records, who have worked in this fight as a one, coherent mechanism! And of course, our fans, friends and supporters! Your support is invaluable!

«Massive thanks to everyone who sent their mixes and voted on We have chosen five DJs who will bring da beats n open our shows in November — congratulations to Aequo, Un4Get, DJ Big LA, Mr Armtome n Age of Rampage. Can’t wait to bring da ruckus, Russia, get ready! Respect. ”Liam, Keef & Maxim”»

by A.Hornet