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Tribute-album to Freestylers will be soon !

22.04.2015 CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Freestylers

Freestylers gave the go-ahead for a tribute album! Guys will give us remix packs! A couple of weeks can be expected to send from England! My congratulations to you my friends! Everything is just beginning!

by A.Hornet

Criminal Tribe Records Birthday

«Criminal Tribe Records» turns 1 year today!


Dear friends and fans! Today is 12th of April, and we’re celebrating 2 great birthday-events: Easter day along with Cosmonautics day + birthday of our resident 3D Stas. Moreove, its the day, when our label, our team, our musical family — Criminal Tribe Records — was born.

First of all, I want to shout a birthday message to Stanislav (3D Stas), wishing him unendless creativity flow and victories, achieving new heights at the musical Olymp along with family well-being and good wealth and health!

Now let’s get to the actual speech, that we are all waiting for…


Under Influence — Influence is Under [CTRFREE010]

01.04.2015 2015 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS Funk Under_Influence

Today wonderful project Under Influence turns 1 year old! On behalf of the CTR, of the whole our great team and myself, I want to congratulate Paul Korshunov and Sergey Klux on this holiday! Friends, we love your tracks! Let the muse does not leave you ever! In honor of this event long-awaited free release — Influence is Under! You can download this track on official pages on the Soundcloud and PDJ.

Music on web:
» PromoDJ

by A.Hornet

Criminaltribe Preciew

[SC]Smash3r — Turbulence Zone (Preview) [2015]

29.03.2015 2015 Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR_DEMO [SC]Smash3r

A small preview from [SC]Smash3r, to let people know what is forged at the moment =) Most likely, the album is expected by the end of 2015′go. Without vocals (stuffing). Vocals in the process of searching =)

Sound preview: » PromoDJ » Vkontakte

by [SC]Smash3r

Aequo - Chakra EP

Aequo — Chakra EP [CTR008] OUT NOW !

16.03.2015 Aequo Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR008

Ladies and Gentlements!
Today, March 16, 2015, on the CTR came the eighth release, named the long-awaited album from Alexander ‘Aequo’ Korolev, called Chakra! The EP includes four amazing dance tracks! The release is available immediately on all music Internet counters of the world!

» SoundCloud » PromoDJ
Music stores:
» Beatport »  » GooglePlay »  » Amazon

by A.Hornet

Izotope feat. Under Influence — In the Gap

Izotope feat. Under Influence — In the Gap [CTRFREE009]

07.03.2015 2015 Big_Beat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTRFREE009 Izotope Under_Influence

In honor of today’s hit in the TOP 100 Breaks on PDJ, we throw off another free release from CTR! Namely, the killer track from Izotope and Under Influence — In The Gap! You can download this song for free from our official pages on cloud and PDJ!

Listen on web:

by A.Hornet

Criminaltribe Demo

Evva — Pandango (demo cut) [2015]


Our overseas Big Beat diva from Austria, Evva is working on the whole album! Yesterday i received the first demo! In general, I ask go to the table!

» Vkontakte

by A.Hornet

Criminaltribe Demo

Izotope — Madness (demo cut) [2015]

06.03.2015 Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR_DEMO Izotope

Young Guard of CTR is already catching up! Alexandr «Izotope» is preparing an EP! I propose to try a fresh cut of one of the demo c of the forthcoming album! How I love our team!

Listen on web:
» SoundCloud
» Vkontakte

by A.Hornet

Under Influence - Shift Control

Under Influence — Shift Control EP (+Remixes) [CTR007]

01.03.2015 2015 Beatune CTR007 Placenta Under_Influence [SC]Smash3r

Ladies and Gentlemen! I released the 7th release on the CTR, named the single from Under Influence — Shift Control, which included only two remixes from [SC] Smash3r and Beatune, as well as a remix of Who is Martha Stewart? from Placenta! The release is available for purchase on all music Internet counters in the world! CTR007 — opening a new season!
P.S. Many thanks to Julia Vitt@ for having kindly provided a photo of her perfect body to us on the cover!

Pre-view: »  » PromoDJ
Music stores: » Beatport »  »  » GoogePlay » 

by A.Hornet

The Crime Synth - I've Got Mad Skills (Remixes)

The Crime Synth — I’ve Got Mad Skills (Remixes) [CTRFREE008]

16.02.2015 2015 CTRFREE008 Floyd_The_Barber FREE The_Crime_Synth

As promised! CTRFREE008: The Crime Synth — I’ve Got Mad Skills (Remixes) — 4 killer tracks that you can download absolutely free of charge from our page on ‘cloud’! I ask to the table!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who is with us! Next free with 800 subscribers!

Listen on web:
» Vkontakte

by A.Hornet