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Under Influence

Sergei Bezmaga & Pavel Korshunov
[RUS/Tomsk, Yaroslavl]

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Under Influence — My Little Baby [CTRFREE055] OUT NOW!!!

01.04.2020 Big_Beat Breakbeat Funky_Beat Under_Influence

Ladies and Gentlemen ! Today, April 1, the Under Influence project will be 6 years old !!! On behalf of CTR, our entire large team, we congratulate Pavel Korshunov and Sergey Klux on this date! Further advancement and success! Endless inspiration!

In honor of this event, the guys give everyone a FREE release: Under Influence — My Little Baby [CTRFREE055]!

You can download the mp3 track from our official Soundcloud page.
You can download the wav track from our official Bandcamp page.

by Lampard.S


Paranoic Del — Bring The Noise [CTRFREE054 03/15/2020] FREE!

16.03.2020 Big_Beat Breakbeat

Dear Companions!

The first spring release has already made its way through the underground and is reaching for the beautiful sun! According to the author himself, this is ‘a musical flashback with the aim of reminding, and for those who do not know, tell what breakbeat can be!’
Meet the mini album from Paranoic Del — Bring The Noise [CTRFREE054 03/15/2020]!

You can listen the track from SoundCloud or download lossless and support the artist with a donate from our official Bandcamp page.

by Lampard.S


Devils Dozen #08 open Egor Zavyalov [Interra] !

10.01.2020 Big_Beat Breakbeat Devils_Dozen Interview

Dear colleagues, with pride and joy we want to present you a truly meaningful interview for us, as part of the DevilsDozen project, taken from Egor Zavyalov, the creator and participant of the bigbeat/breakbeat project Interra.

» Interview by Lampard.S


The Prodigy — Their Law (Make Illusional Tribute Remix) OUT NOW !!!

05.12.2019 Breakbeat Industrial make_illusional TheProdigy Tribute

Ladies & Gentlemens!

We are proud to present you another tribute remix dedicated to the work of the legendary band #TheProdigy! This is the fourth remix from the residents of the Criminal Tribe ltd, which is included in the gradually being built album of tribute remixes.

Listen & download on web:
» Soundcloud
» Bandcamp

by Lampard.S


Little Orange UA — Freedom Fighter EP [CTRFREE051] OUT NOW !!!

30.11.2019 Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS The_Little_Orange_ua

Dear Companions! November closes a powerful and groovy mini-album by Dmitry ‘Little Orange UA’ Garkusha!
Meet the free EP called Freedom Fighter [CTRFREE051]: four action-packed breakbeats filled with energy, vocals and broken beats! Fayaaaa !!!

Listen: » SoundCloud

You can download lossless and support the artist with a donate from our official Bandcamp page: » Bandcamp

by Lampard.S