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Age of Rampage - Adrenaline

Age of Rampage — Adrenaline EP [2014]

27.11.2014 2014 Age_of_Rampage Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTR006

Ladies and Gentlemen! ATTENTION!
The sixth release on Criminal Tribe Records, named Adrenaline EP from my bro, Yura «Age of Rampage», is now available for purchase in all music online stores in the world!

Shout to all! Help spread the information about the album and the label! CTR006 — we are moving fast!

Pre-view: » SoundCloud » PromoDJ
Music stores: » Beatport » iTunes » Junodownload » GooglePlay » Amazon

by A.Hornet

Madonna – Music (SJ Ocean Remix)

Madonna – Music (SJ Ocean Remix) [2014]

26.11.2014 2014 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTRFREE007 FREE SJ_Ocean

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Another New Year’s gift from CTR, namely free reset as a stunning remix’a to the legendary track Madonn’y, Music, from Sergei SJ Ocean Kravchenko! This track you can download from our official pages on ‘cloud’ and PDJ!

Listen on web:
» SoundCloud
» PromoDJ

by A.Hornet

Dizja - Heavy Bones LP

Dizja — Heavy Bones LP [2014] GET FREE !

23.11.2014 2014 Big_Beat Breakbeat CRIMINALTRIBERECORDS CTRFREE006 Distimia Dizja Fight_Starter FREE

As promised! We merge the whole Long Play from the frontman of the Fight Starter group, a man promoting not only two more of his projects Dizja and Distimia, Arthur Bakhteev, called Heavy Bones! The album includes 9 full tracks with bonus! You can download this album from our page on ‘cloud’!

Listen on web:
» SoundCloud
» PromoDJ

by A.Hornet

Who is Martha Stewart?

Under Influence — Who Is Martha Stewart EP (2014)

30.10.2014 2014 Breakbeat CTRFREE005 FREE The_Little_Orange_ua The_Tesla's_Method

As promised, we merge a free album from Under Influence, on which besides their track there are two remixes from Little Orange UA and The Tesla’s Method! You can download the album from our official pages on ‘cloud’ and PDJ!

Listen on web:
» SoundCloud

by A.Hornet